Thursday, March 21, 2013

#cxcw Couch Klieg light: American Thread - Killing Days

Brendan Ahern
Michael Taggart
Geoff Downing

American Thread is a 3 and sometimes 4 piece Americana band from Boston MA. Their debut Album, "Killing Days" was released July 2012, two of thier members,  Brendan Ahern and Michael Taggart (who also is in the band Hold/Transfer) joined the festivities at Couch By Couchwest.

12oz American Dreams by Brendan Ahern

The Game is The Game by Michael Taggart 

Like a well crafted Boston Lager, American Thread brew a blend of Americana, Alt-Country, Roots Rock, and Celtic influences, with a thread of debauchery rising like the head of a well poured beer throughout. Every song on this album is a standout and you'll find yourself returning to this album time and time again. 

American Thread - Drink for the Damned
American Thread - 12 Ounce American Dream
American Thread - Parade

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